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Models Kolkata

Welcome to Models Kolkata.
Profit making is not the intention of creating this website. Lot of our fellow citizen have a dream to make a career in this world of glamour and fame. Unfortunately most of them do not get proper direction. More people are misguided and suffer financial losses in the process.

Models Kolkata is here to help you find out more about modeling. I hope through education you will have a positive experience in pursuing your dream and will be able to avoid the scams and rip-offs that are everywhere in the modeling industry. There are several useful sections to the site.We are trying to promote those people  passionate to make a career in this field.

We do not in any way promise new models that we will give you a break, but you can be assured that you will get some publicity because this is Google friendly website duly publicized and promoted  on the internet through Google.

We welcome portfolio of all models in Kolkata, feel free to
submit  your portfolio it is FREE.
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Thanks apnar site ta asadharon hoeche........... ata new & old model der akta jaiga banie dite parbe mone hoi................

- Bappaditya Kundu, Photographer, Kolkata
Model Deboleena  Featured Model- Models Kolkata
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Aryaa Bannerjee
Nilima Pandey
Polly Ganguly
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Sumana Nandi
Thanks apnar site ta asadharon hoeche........... ata new & old model der akta jaiga banie dite parbe mone hoi................

- Bappaditya Kundu, Photographer, Kolkata

Hi, myself Pritha (print model) .... Models kolkata is a best place to show your talents, specially for new comers. I am happy to be a member of dis site.

- Pritha Basu, Model, Kolkata

Its a fabulous attempt that is churning success higher and higher every day by Sri Dev Chatterjee a Man with a very soft heart and an excellent attitude towards people

- Bikash  Das, Freelance Model, Kolkata

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